How to Mow a Lawn?

neat grass

Backyard maintenance companies have the experts who know how to mow your lawn beautifully, but it is advisable to try doing it on your own once in a while. Mowing your lawn is truly a challenging task especially if you have no idea about mowing. However, you will get it right once you read this article. All you need is to understand the mowing requirements and techniques. Here are expert tips on how to mow and maintain your lawn.


grassDry Grass

Always wait until all the grass in your backyard is dry. Never try mowing in the morning when dew is still present in the grass. Of course, it seems like a good idea mowing early in the morning but is not advisable. However, if you note that there is no dew on the grass, you can proceed and start mowing. Wet grass will always clump up around the discharge chute which means that you will be stopping more often to offload the clog. Also, when the grass is still wet, it makes your mower’s tires to lose traction. It is, therefore, advisable to mow later in the evening when the sun is not overhead. Also, ensure that you do not start up your sprinklers the night before mowing.


Grass Height

Always let the grass in the compound to get long enough before you cut it down. The best way to keep your lawn uniform is by letting the grass to grow. Do not be so strict about mowing your lawn after every a few days. I recommend that you allow the grass in your backyard to grow to about 7 inches. After that, you can level it using your mower to about 4 inches during the summer time. Mowing your grass to a level of around four inches will help to conserve water since at that height the water can retain water. When the soil is moist and wet throughout, it helps your grass to maintain its green color and have long roots. Therefore, raise the lawnmower deck and leave the grass to grow longer before the next mowing session.


Slow Down

Mowing is something that is done with a lot of care. Backyard maintenance companies take their time trying to make the yard look like a little heaven. What makes these companies outstanding is the expertise and the time taken to mow. So, make sure you take it slow when you are mowing the lawn. I understand that different mowers have various speeds, but it does not save you more time mowing at high speed. Rushing while mowing will leave some parts of your lawn to look sloppy and uneven. Seeing a mess on your lawn after mowing can be very disappointing. To avoid getting frustrated after mowing, make sure you do it slowly and right.


lawnmowerMowing in a Pattern

The best way to mow your lawn is by mowing in a uniform pattern. Random mowing leads to consumption of more time and work. To ensure that you mow perfectly within the shortest time possible, do it in a uniform pattern. It is advisable to start from the edge of the lawn while the discharge chute is pointing towards the lawn. Do the mowing in a perimeter pattern and begin making a U-turn after you are done with the edges. Always ensure the discharge chute is facing where you have just cut the grass.…

Different Types of Lighting for House Use


When you are looking for the best lighting scheme, you need to understand the basic types used for both home and office work so that you make a defined decision. Choosing a lighting scheme is a little confusing especially when you are not sure about the main types and their uses. You need to do thorough research on the different types of lighting for house use to ensure that you make your house beautiful. You need to mind about your purpose for the light for so that you get the perfect lighting scheme that will match its use. The following content will help you to understand the major types of lighting for your house or home office.


lightingGeneral or Ambient Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

This is a common type used in homes to give light with a soft glow. The ambient lighting is enough to help you do your function comfortably without straining your eyes or a harsh glare. Ambient lighting is referred to as natural lighting because it makes your living room to appear natural and flat. The nature of light is almost similar to natural light, and it is used to help you to move from one point to another in your house. However, the ambient lighting is not favorable for you if you intend to work closely or highlight things that are around your space. The major categories of ambient lighting include chandeliers, and pendants, recessed lights, as well as wall sources and wall lights.


Task Lights

This type of lightning is usually small and more concentrated lighting that is preferable for a single task, especially when you are working in an office. The light is designed specifically to help you to concentrate on the projects that you are working because it provides a direct and fine light that will not disturb your eyes. For instance, if you are studying, writing, sewing or cooking, task lighting will be your perfect choice because it is more effective with less glare. With the task lighting, you will be able to stimulate your brain naturally, become more alert and concentrated. You will be able to see the details of your projects for better results. Task lighting is preferable because it does not cause unnecessary shadows or harsh lights, as is independent of the overall room lighting.


lightsFocal or Accent Lighting

This is very concentrated lighting that aims to attract your attention to a particular point. Focal lighting is specifically designed to decorate and style a room that has more pictorial and drama displays as you can install them in specific places that you want people to see. The light will illuminate what you want to display in your house while it shows the rest of the place. This type of lighting can be used to illuminate both the indoor and outdoor architecture of your home. The lights can also be used on special occasions such as holidays, Christmas and Halloween to create a sophisticated atmosphere to evoke the importance of what it displays and feelings of meaning.…